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Designing A New Website? This Is the Most Important Thing to Focus On

Posted in: Website Development

Designing a New Website

Designing a New Website?
This is the Most Important Thing to Focus on


Web Design and Layout WireframeIf you’re putting in the work to plan and build a new website, you should optimize it to get the best results. The best way to do this is to build it around an effective sales funnel.

Planning your site to fit into your sales funnel can help you in many ways. It can draw new targeted leads to your site where you can start engaging with them, provide content to help visitors make the right purchase decisions, or upsell to your main offer. No matter your goal, connecting your site with your sales funnel makes it happen.


How Sales Funnels Work

A sales funnel is a marketing concept that refers to a customer’s journey with your business, from initial awareness to lifetime loyalty.

They enter at the wide end and move toward the final offer. Then, you qualify them with content and offers as they go along. This qualification process helps you separate non-buyers from buyers. You also learn about your leads to better meet their needs.


Define Your Sales Funnel Stages

A sales funnel has four clearly defined stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

The lead starts with awareness. This is where the potential customer first learns about your brand. Then, during the Interest phase, they learn more about your products and services. Next, during the Decision stage, they’re ready to buy and are considering their options. The final step is action when they make a purchase.

For example, at the Awareness stage, you may have free content such as articles, blog posts, or videos posted on various websites that bring traffic back to your site. You offer more specific content and small-ticket offers during the Interest and Decision stages, leading them to the Action stage and the Big Purchase.


Where Your New Website Fits into the Sales Funnel

Consumers can use your website at the Awareness stage, where they first learn about your brand. You can do this by building a site rich with content offering help with problems your target market faces. You would then use a lead magnet to direct them to other places where you offer more content for the different phases. For example, you might get them to join your email list, webinar, or online group.

Another idea is to use your new website for the Interest stage. You would use content marketing, publishing information all over the web that leads back to your site. Visitors can learn more about your offers by exploring products and more targeted content.


Content Considerations

Once you decide how to use your new website, you can plan its content. The key is identifying what you want visitors to do. Then, create the content and calls to action that would lead them to complete that action.

For the Awareness stage, content should be more general, while the Interest stage content should focus on more specific problems. Content for Decision stresses the benefits and uniqueness of your product and leads the person to take action.


A Focused Approach

Once your new website is built, track its performance to know where to make changes. Then, as you interact with leads, you can learn more about your target market and find more ways to meet their needs.


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